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Saturday, 30 December 2017

My Favorite YouTube Channels

Hi all,
Today I wanted to talk a little about YouTube. I spend a decent amount of time browsing through YouTube, when I'm not feeling great and I just want to relax for a while, but my head hurts too much to read and my attention span won't allow me to dive into one of the shows I'm watching, which you can check out here. I'll most likely be watching YouTube videos. I'm always flitting about from recommended video to recommended video, but I definitely have some channels that I watch consistently and enjoy, so I wanted to share those with you.

I love thrifting, both going out and doing it myself and watching other people's videos and this channel puts up some of my favorite ones. While the items aren't always my style, I do love the editing and being brought along to the stores, rather than simply an at home haul. 
If you're into thrift or fashion videos, I would definitely recommend this channel.

I found this channel through her weekly recaps of Riverdale episodes and I became a quick fan. I love the recaps and opinions, with the inclusion of clips from the show and theories. She also has other content besides TV show recaps, which I also enjoy.

I watch a few different family vlog channels, but KKandbabyJ is definitely my favorite. Karen and Khoa make such entertaining daily vlogs with their two kids Jackson and Landon, and it's through them that I've found a lot of my other favorite YouTubers.

Another family channel. I found this one through KKandbabyJ and I love Jelian's channel. She vlogs regularly with her son Mateo and I always enjoy watching.

This channel has such a range of different content and it's all well made and enjoyable. My personal favorite series of theirs right now is the sweet digs videos.

Safiya is one of the few YouTuber's I watch that I instantly click as soon as I see her video posted. She has such a great personality and does a range of different videos, including beauty, fashion and buying things the internet recommends for her. Always a little off beat and doing something strange, I love watching her videos.

This is my go-to workout channel on YouTube. Cassey posts new videos regularly and they vary in intensity and difficulty level, and since there are so many, I can change up my workout whenever I want and mix and match playlists. 

So, those are the top channels that I've been watching recently. Let me know if you like any of these channels, and comment below with which channels you love. Please share and subscribe if you like this post.

Until next time,


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