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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

My Favorite Nail Polishes

Hi all,
I love nail polish. I'm not a nail art expert, although I would like to learn. I do, however, love to change up the color of my nails. So, today I thought I'd share some of my favorites.
  1. Bahama Mama by Essie
  2. Time for Me Time by Essie
  3. Carmela by Maggie Anne
  4. London Snog by Trust Fund Beauty
  5. New York Noir by Kate Spade (Nails inc London)
  6. Riding Hood by Tanya Burr
  7. Menthe by Soigne 
Let me know what your favorites nail colors are in the comments, and please share and subscribe if you liked this post.

Until next time, 

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Birchbox | January Unboxing

Hi all,
I recently signed up for a year's subscription to birchbox and I wanted to do an unboxing for you all. This is the January 2018 box. I was immediately excited about this one, because of the box design itself. I've recently become obsessed with flamingos. My iPad cover has flamingos on it, my weekly planner has flamingos and they make more than one appearance in my bedroom. So, very excited.
Here's what I got.

Full-Size Lord & Berry Blusher Crayon in Camelia

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

Paul & Joe Beauty Moisturizing Foundation Primer S in 01 Dagree

Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in Charcoal


Afterspa Amazing Makeup Remover


OHH DEER Stickers

Friday, 12 January 2018

My Week in Music | January 5th-11th

Hi all,
I'm back with another my week in music post. I'm going with a slightly different format this week, so I hope you like it.

This week, I've definitely been listening to a few key artists. I've been loving O'Brother and Amber Run. Today I listened to Camila Cabello's album for the first time and while it's not the usual kind of music I'd gravitate towards, I enjoyed listening and it was a great album to just dance around. I had great fun today making my lunch while moving around to it and there are some really great songs on there. A particular favorite from the album is Something's Gotta Give.
Besides those artists, I've been discovering a lot of new music. 19% of my listening for the week was made up of new artists.
So, that's what I've been listening to this week. Let me know what track you've had on repeat in the comments, and please share and subscribe if you like this post.

Until next time,


Thursday, 11 January 2018

2018 Most Anticipated TV Shows

Hi all,
As you may or may not know. I like TV shows. Given the choice between watching several episodes of something or watching a movie, I'll pick the show and I'm always on the lookout for something new, so here are some shows hitting the screens in 2018 that I'm going to be checking out.
Some (a lot) of these are American shows, so I'm not sure when/where I'll get to watch these in the UK, but as a subscriber to three different streaming services, I'm hopeful I'll be able to watch all of them.

  • Luke Cage - Season Two
  • Lost in Space
  • The Good Place - Season Two B
  • Daredevil - Season Three
  • Safe
  • Jessica Jones - Season Two
  • Riverdale - Season Two B
  • A.P. Bio
  • The Chi
  • Good Girls
  • The Resident
  • Rise
  • War of the Worlds
  • 9-1-1
  • American Idol
  • Unnamed Grey's Anatomy Spin-off
  • You
Those are the shows that I've found out about so far, but I'm sure there are probably more shows coming soon that I'll want to check out.
What's on your watchlist for 2018? Let me know in the comments and please share and subscribe if you liked this post.

Until next time,


Monday, 8 January 2018

New Beauty Products

Hi all,
Recently I went out and got myself some new products to try out. I love trying out new beauty products, so these are the ones that I've purchased recently. 
I'll be trying them out throughout January and giving a review on them at the end of the month, so be sure to check back for that.

  1. Nature Love: Detoxifying Body Lotion - Charcoal + Argan Oil (T.K.Maxx) - £5
  2. No.7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser (Boots) - £5
  3. No.7 Beautiful Skin Cleaning Brush (Boots) - £16
  4. L'Oreal Paris Waterproof False Lash Xfiber Xtreme Resist Mascara (Boots) - £10.99
  5. L'Oreal Paris Lip Paint/ Laquer - Dracula's Blood (Boots) - £6.99

Sunday, 7 January 2018

My Week in Music

Hi all,
I love stats. Seeing my data pulled together in handy little info-graphics is always fun for me, so I decided to share my music listening stats for the week. All of this data and the images were taken from my profile.
These stats are from December 29th - December 4th (Because weirdly the week runs Friday-Thursday).



Track: Deconstruct by O'Brother
Artist: O'Brother

Friday, 5 January 2018

My Skincare Routine

Hi all,
Recently I've become a lot more concerned about taking care of my skin. I've always had very dry, sensitive skin but I never buckled myself down to a proper skincare routine. Now, I'm a few days away from turning twenty-six and it seemed like time to stop being hit and miss with my skincare.
I'm keeping it pretty simple at the moment and in future I may add more steps and branch out into new products, but for now, this is what I do.

  • Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish or No.7 Hot Cloth Cleanser
I start with one of these products. At the moment I'm trialing the No.7 version to see how it compares to Liz Earle's, which I was previously using.

  • No.7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush
I use this to apply the cleanser for a deeper clean and softer skin. I'd been wanting a brush like this for a long time and had been considering getting the Vanity Planet one which I'd heard great things about, but I decided to try this one, which was at a much lower price point. So far, I'm finding my skin is a lot softer, however, I have been breaking out more. I'll be doing a full review of this product at the end of the month, so stay tuned for that.

  • Bio-Oil
This is my go-to product. It has so many uses but I primarily use it as my moisturizer. I was introduced to this product by my mum who started using it a while back and I am so glad I picked it up. I have tried so many different moisturizers, from cheap store brands to higher end ones and I just couldn't find something that worked well enough for my dry skin. My foundation would always look flaky and dry pretty much as soon as I applied it, and no matter how many moisturizers and foundations I tried,  I had the same issue. However, since using Bio-Oil, my skin has been so much softer and smoother and my makeup is applying a lot nicer.
I highly recommend you check this product out.

  • Nature Love Detoxifying Body Lotion: Charcoal and Argan Oil
I picked this product up recently and it's my current body lotion. I'm really liking it so far but I've only been using it for about three or four days, so I'll have to give a fuller review of this at the end of the month.

And that's it. Four simple steps and beyond that it's just water and the occasional sheet mask. 

Let me know in the comments what's in your skincare routine, and please share and subscribe if you liked this post.

Until next time,