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Friday, 29 December 2017

2017 | What I Was Watching

Hi all,
I am a huge fan of TV shows. I can easily spend hours upon hours binge-watching a show, whilst I can't seem to sit down and watch a movie. I'll always pick a good show over a movie because I like seeing the story unfold over seasons and seasons and really get that character development in. 
Because I like shows so much, I'm always on the lookout for something new to watch and so I wind up with a lot of shows on the go at once. 
I wanted to share a little bit of what I was watching in 2017. Not all of these will be 2017 releases, it's just what I've been the most interested in this year.

  • Riverdale
I started this show right around when it first came out, but I only made it three episodes into the story before I gave up. It wasn't until months later, after my sister had been watching it, that I decided to give it another shot. I started from the beginning and as soon as I made it past episode three, I regretted never finishing it before. Riverdale quickly became one of my favorite shows and it's definitely my current obsession show.
While season two hasn't been as great as season one, I have high hopes for the second half of the season in January and it's still the show I eagerly wait for each week.

  • Pretty Little Liars
2017 saw the final episode of PLL airing and it was bittersweet for me. This is a show that I've been watching for years, I was invested in it and it's never fun to see a show you love ending, but it also just felt like time. For a show that I absolutely loved when it first came out, I started to feel as if it was falling apart the longer it went on. While I did enjoy the show as a whole and I've definitely rewatched it a lot and probably will watch some episodes again in the future. I do think the show ran possibly too long and I was disappointed in the ending. 
I'm including it on this list, simply because for a very long time it was one of my favorite shows, even if ultimately, it ended up frustrating me.

  • The Good Place
Similar to Riverdale, this is a show I started watching this year and I loved the first season. It was so funny, with a great cast and interesting storyline. I've been a fan of Kristen Bell for a long time and this show is excellent. But, like Riverdale, the second season has been a little lackluster compared to the first, but it's definitely a show I'm going to keep up with.

  • Stranger Things
Season two premiered recently and I finished it in about two days. Who needs sleep, right? The first season was incredible. I loved the characters, the world, the story, everything about it. Now, whilst season two had it's moments and had me rooting for characters who I previously hadn't thought much of. It also felt like a letdown. I was so excited for its return, but like so many other shows, season two was not as good as the first season. 

  • Chesapeake Shores
It's cheesy. Oh, so cheesy, but it's also just a really sweet show surrounding a large family full of great characters. It's the kind of show you can just chill out with, and it doesn't have me screaming at the screen or throwing things like other shows have this past year. Also, it's set in an incredibly beautiful town, and who doesn't love to see beautiful small towns?

  • Anne with an E
I grew up watching Anne of Green Gables, the version with Megan Follows. I've seen it so many times, so when I found out about this new version, two things crossed my mind. The first was that I was definitely going to watch it. The second, I wondered if it would be able to live up to a version which I loved.
I was pleasantly surprised, that by the second episode I already loved it more. The characters are so well thought out and I'm really enjoying the darker side that they're showing. It's a show that I'm already fully invested in and I just want it to come back already!

  • When Calls The Heart
Just like Chesapeake, this show is full of cheesy moments but it's also just a really sweet, romantic story. Set in a small mining town in the early 1900s, this story has some characters who you'll fall in love with and definitely root for. It's not the greatest show in the world, but it's definitely something I've been enjoying watching this past year.

  • Iron Fist
I'm a Marvel fan. A big one and I've been watching all of the shows released on Netflix, so of course, when Iron Fist came out, I had to watch it. But, unlike Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. I didn't love this one. 
It has some good moments and even some characters that I liked and rooted for, but Danny wasn't one of them. Honestly, it took me so long to even get around to watching the final two episodes, because by that point I was so underwhelmed by the show. 

  • The Defenders
Of all the Marvel shows, this is the one that I was the most excited for. I love a good team-up and having these characters all working together, seemed like it was going to be great. I went in expecting it to be my favorite show but wound up disappointed. The pacing felt really slow and the story lacking. I'm hoping for more in the future from the Marvel shows because they started out so well and with this one and Iron Fist, I've been left disappointed.

  • Grey's Anatomy
I'm a bit late to the crowd on this one. I hadn't seen a single episode until 2017 and now I'm playing catch up. I'm currently in season 4 and I'm enjoying it. It's kind of my go-to show when I want to binge right now. Character driven and full of drama, it definitely has me rooting for certain characters... Just not Meredith, who actually annoys me more often than she doesn't.

And that's it... it's not everything I've been watching, but it's a snapshot of the shows that I've either watched all the current episodes of, finished, or am actively watching.
All of these shows I've been watching on streaming services. Either Netflix or NowTV.

Let me know what shows you've been watching in 2017 in the comments, and please share and subscribe if you liked this post.

Until next time,


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