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Friday, 13 March 2015

Online Moments | Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion | Con Man

Hi all,
Today I got an email about the wrap up of the Classic Alice Indie GoGo campaign, and at the bottom of that email it had links to other campaigns that are running, and something grabbed my eye. A campaign for a show called Con Man. Now, it wasn't the title of this that grabbed my attention, it was the thumbnail, which was a picture of Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion.
Now if you don't know why this got me practically jumping out of my seat in excitement, it probably means you've never seen Firely. Well, Firefly is one of my all time favorite shows. When I found out about it, it had already been cancelled after just one season. I've always wanted more episodes, and despite the amount of time that has passed, I can't quite let it go. So when I saw that Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion were working together on a project and raising money through Indie Go Go. My initial thought was, could this be linked to a Firefly spin off or sequel? I was ready to freak out.
It turns out, it isn't a show about Firefly that they're making. However, what they are making sounds awesome enough that the excitement is still bubbling away.
You can check out the Con Man Campaign to find out what it is they are making, and to donate to help them make it as amazing as they can.

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