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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Fitness Moments | Going it (Almost) Alone

Hi all,
As you know, I'm currently on a journey to lose weight. I started September 1st 2014, and since then I've lost a total of 35lbs. I did this, for three weeks alone at home, in which I lost 8lbs, and then after that I joined Weight Watchers with my younger sister and my mum.
Now, Weight Watchers was working really well for me. I lost weight every week, and managed to get my 10% weight loss goal. However, two weeks ago I gained half a pound, which isn't a huge deal, though I wasn't expecting it because I'd been good. I'd worked out, kept to my points allowance, and honestly I didn't see a reason for the gain. 
Still, as my class leader told me, sometimes weeks like that happen, and we were both sure that by the next class I would have lost that half a pound, and some extra too. I was motivated!
I went to the gym, went out on a walk with my family, I did some workouts at home. Even on bad health days when I couldn't stand up because of my P.O.T.S  I was finding ways to exercise without standing. So when I got to class, I was pretty confident I could get that half a pound off, and some extra. Then I got on the scales. And...well it wasn't good. I'd stayed the same. Again, this isn't awful, but having two bad weeks in a row, when I've done so well sticking to plan, it was disappointing.

So this got me thinking. I needed to change something. My mum felt the same, because her weight loss had slowed down. So we decided to change things up and try a low carb diet. We've been doing a bunch of research on the principals, and we're tracking all our food and carb intake on Myfitnesspal. For me, I'm aiming to have 20% of my calories coming from carbs, which is around 60g a day. 
After we'd decided this, we made another big choice. We decided to leave Weight Watchers.
We bought some scales from Amazon. Ones with great reviews, and which give accurate weights. Now our weigh in day is a Saturday, and we're going to keep track of it at home. I even made us each a chart to track it each week.

So, how is it going? Well, I started low carbs four days ago. Today, being Saturday, is our new weigh in, so despite it being less than a week since our weigh in last Tuesday, I got on the scales to start my new weigh ins. I was very shocked! I'd lost 3lbs. In just four days! 
It's safe to say that I'm liking this new lower carb diet, even if I have had to cut some of my favorite foods.
I haven't been very well this week, and so my exercise has been practically non-existent, and yet I still saw a great result on the scale. I'm excited to see how it goes in future, now that I'm trying a new diet approach, and I'm not attending class.
I'm slightly nervous that without the classes I'll lose track, because in the past I have. However, with my mum and sister doing it with me, and our set weigh in days, and charts. I'm hopeful that we'll all keep losing weight.
38lbs to go!

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