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Monday, 14 July 2014

Fashion Moments | My Current Obsession

Emily And Fin Grey Floral Collar Dress £24.99Hi guys,
I wanted to write up a post about my current fashion obsession. I go to my local charity shops, and browse ebay a lot, because I love finding cool items at bargain prices.
Recently there's been one thing that I'm particularly obsessed with finding, and that is floral printed dresses, preferably with collars. Vintage is better, but vintage looking works well too. There are usually a few of these styles of dresses in charity shops, and I can't get enough of them.

floral print and collar

There's something I absolutely adore about this style. I love the delicate collars, the loose fitting dresses, and the way I can style them to be casual or dressy.

One thing I love to do, is wear a dress like one of these, with some black biker-ish style boots, and do a heavy black eyeliner with it. Giving the feminine dress a bit more of a rocker style to it. I love mixing these two things.

Things I Look For
  • Collars (especially lace or crochet)
  • Covered buttons (covered with the fabric of the dress)
  • Good quality
  • Vintage or vintage style
  • Pale floral prints on either a dark or light background
What are some of the things you're loving when it comes to fashion? If you go to charity shops or thrift store, what do you look for? Let me know in the comments.

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